TV viewing behavior is changing, where once we used to watch live or scheduled programming, we moved on to VOD, and now we are starting to use TV apps to watch the content we want, when we want it.
Woo.Media add new value for TV platforms by adding vertical content TV Apps inside their TV middle-ware with minimum effort using cross platform HTML5 TV APP.

Our TV apps are customized for the BIG SCREEN using KEYPAD navigation only.
For content owners, Video Bloggers and Brands we supply a TV APP Marketplace accessible on TV platforms Worldwide as a custom TV app.

Our Business Model is Simple

Our TV app development and support costs noting. Where revenues are available, we get paid together.

Revenue Share from Total Incomes

AVOD – From Programmatic advertising (using Hiro Media Video campaigns).

SVOD – Fixed price or monthly cost per subscriber.

On promises – For walled garden TV platforms with no public internet access.

Our platform is designed from an operator point of view, enable minimum man power content editing and maximum automation of tasks. Hosted on Microsoft Azure with high performance and availability.