Woo.Media TV apps are modular and customizable. Based on pure HTML5 code using Angular JS and CSS3 that enables us to edit any piece of the UI such as fonts, colors, sizes and animation. Our apps can seamlessly integrate into your existing corporate branding.

The UI workflow concept is based on the 4 arrow keys and the OK remote control button.

UP Arrow

Opens the smart search capability. The user chooses a letter from the alphabet and using the auto complete engine, the search results appears. A simple and easy to use feature that allows quick access to a user’s content.

DOWN Arrow

Smart TV Recommendation Opens program info and video recommendations based on user’s voting, genre, and advance metadata video tags. This gives the user access to content they may previously not have considered.

LEFT Arrow

Opens the Category list. Users can browse between Categories and pick the relevant one. Categories can be customized to the user’s interests. This enables the user to discover new content according to their likes and interests.


Opens the Widget panel with call to action add-ons like e-Commerce, related social info and many more. This opens a wealth of opportunities for content providers to engage and interact with their customers, providing an opportunity for brand loyalty and a growth in revenues.


Smart onscreen navigation. This feature enables the user to quickly browse and select content on screen while watching video. Simple features such as pause and fast forward can be accessed here as well as more advanced features. From here, the user can have easy access to for example a favorites list, or even have the opportunity to surf random content.



Our Customers TV Apps UI