Today’s diverse audience requires a different advertising distribution solution. The Ad Platform simplifies media management, transmission, and delivery. When speed, competitive pricing and personalized service count, rely on our ad solutions for cost effective, customizable and secure delivery of your advertising spots.

Put Programmatic TV to Work for You Today

Programmatic TV can begin to work for your video business today and is ideally placed to grow existing revenue and delver new sources of growth in the future. Download the white paper to learn what programmatic TV is, how it will grow and evolve, and three ways broadcasters and operators can make the most of it today.
With the Video Monetization Platform by Woo.Media, monetization comes in many forms, from advertising to subscriptions to pay-per-view. A sophisticated mix of approaches is the best strategy for maximizing video revenues. To find that perfect mix, think about your monetization criteria first.

Woo.Media Video Monetization Platform

Woo.Media’s video monetization platform includes publishing, video analytics tools, personalized delivery and more. Our integrated suite of technologies and services helps content owners expand their options, with powerful analytics that drive deeper viewer engagement and higher revenues.

Video Monetization: Growing A Profitable Business

Successful online video delivery used to be enough, but today’s digital TV providers are under constant pressure to earn more from video. Many have tried and failed to improve their video monetization on YouTube or other platforms. To monetize video at scale, a better strategy (and a more complete platform) is needed.

Woo.Media offers many video monetization options:


Woo.Media is integrated with top ad platforms, so it’s quick and easy to earn revenues with ads. We are VAST and VPAID compliant to bring you the most ad monetization options available and the highest possible CPMs at optimal fill rates.


Video ad revenues may not be enough for your premium video content. To really boost video revenues, try charging for access to your most popular assets. Woo.Media makes it possible with a smooth purchase process.


Woo.Media makes it easy to create TV APP offerings that integrate with the leading TV Platforms. Protect your retransmission-based video revenues by integrating with broadcast partners, so you can monetize your audience even when you aren’t placing ads or charging directly for subscriptions.


Subscription is the video monetization model that generates the most predictable recurring revenue stream. Woo.Media lets you sell subscriptions with the viewer’s account managed and charged automatically.

Woo.Media Monetization Drives Measurable Results

Woo.Media helps you monetize video through our core platform and through integration with leading partners including Google, TinyPass, and Vindicia. By combining the power of advertising (AVOD), pay-per-view (TVOD), and subscription (SVOD), Woo.Media offers all the video revenue opportunities you need to gain an edge in the marketplace.
Companies like ESPN, Sky Sports, and Univision use Woo.Media to drive their OTT offerings. With ad monetization, download-to-own environments and extensive subscription-driven offerings ― all supported by our world-class real-time analytics – Woo.Media customers are building the next generation of digital TV.