Support LevelResponsibilityPartyNotes
1st tierInitial call handling, provide general information for any inquiry, troubleshooting of reported fault and low level supportCustomer
2nd tierForwarded to Relevant Department (where applicable) which has the expertise to handle and resolve all support calls including face to face support and technical knowledge and supportCustomer
3rd tierMinor, Medium and Critical errors or faults in the Software itself or in the Product hardware which cannot be resolved by 2nd tier supportWoo.Media3rd tier support will not converse with Customer’s end users directly, only with Customer


Woo.Media 3rd tier Support – Response & Correction Times

Error typeDescriptionRESPONSE TIME
(in Business Days*)

(after Response)

Causing a whole
system failure.
2 working hours5 Business Days for a fix or a workaround
Causing significant
degradation of the system operation.
315 Business Days for a fix or a workaround
Minor problem that could persist indefinitely without service impact.10Prioritize for a fix or a workaround, subject to Woo.Media discretion

* “Business Day” shall mean a day, or days, on which customer services are provided by the majority of the major commercial banks in Israel (for the avoidance of doubt, on a regular weekly basis Sunday-Thursday).

Woo.Media will make reasonable commercial efforts to release a version with a fix or a workaround for the above errors within the time frames stated above. Woo.Media shall not provide Support in the event of Customer’s breach of the provisions of Section ‎2.1.11 and Section to the agreement. Such fixes or workarounds shall be subject to the full cooperation of Customer, the ability to replicate the error/problem and the provision of any data requested by Woo.Media.

In cases where a customer applies for a system/service modification which is not the result of a bug or an error report, the support representative will collect all relevant information and will pass it on to the assigned project-manager who will handle the change request according to project’s life cycle procedures. The process will be executed on the requested scale, starting with commercial issues (pre-sales/sales) through specifications, development and deployment. All managed by the project manager, assisted by the relevant personnel.

Working with Woo.Media Customer Support – Detailed Description. The following list summarizes the error-management process:

  1. Trouble-ticket report to Woo.Media customer support
  2. Customer identification
  3. Information collection
  4. Severity assessment
  5. Error replication
  6. Trouble-ticket documentation
  7. Error-handling & troubleshooting (based on severity & SLA):
  • FAQ/usage instructions
  • Configuration/coding Work-around
  • Version/code-branch fix
  1. Status review with customer
  2. Workaround delivery
  3. Fix delivery
  4. Trouble-ticket closing