What is Video Monetization?

What is Video Monetization?

Video monetization is the making of video into a profitable asset. Video services may be ad-based, pay-per-view, donation, or subscription based.

Video Marketing and Advertising (AVOD)
Target viewers with ads on l VOD and across multiple devices such as mobile, PC, connected devices, and set-top-boxes. Woo.Media ‘s video player integrates with any IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) VAST-compliant ad network and displays all popular ad formats. Woo.Media’s player is integrated with more than 30 ad servers.

Video Monetization Subscriptions (SVOD)
Create a constant revenue stream with recurrent subscriptions. Offer your entire video library or just exclusive content as part of a subscription service, and bill using in-app purchasing or through your own billing gateway.

Monetize with any business model – ads, subscriptions, freemium, or a combination of both. Deploy monetization tools designed to offer a seamless experience across devices:

Woo.Media enables publishers and service providers to monetize their content in a variety of ways. Through either advertising, marketing, monthly subscriptions or single transactions, our smart video monetization suite includes all the tool necessary to run a profitable video business. Alongside the ability to display advertising or charge users, Woo.Media has tools to increase revenue and retention by measuring viewability, tracking revenue, and creating effective marketing campaigns.

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